Services to Industry

Through an unique array of intermediary and outsourced services we help our clients in following fields.

Outsourcing Export Sales
Breaking into new markets
Our international marketing and distribution services offer you experience-based expertise on entering new markets quickly and efficiently. We identify potential export markets for your products, recognize potential opportunities, assume the risks associated with international trade by purchasing your goods domestically and perform all necessary export work.
Scope of services
  • Identifying prospective clients
  • Generating business opportunities
  • Taking title to goods of EU-suppliers like a domestic transaction
  • Sales and distribution of your products in foreign markets
  • Preparing advertising and placing in media
  • Servicing the Export market in an adequate manner
  • Quoting on inquiries
  • Arranging shipping and documentation
  • Performing export work and formalities
  • Aftersales service
Your benefits
  • Fast market access
  • No market development costs and risks
  • No direct handle of export processes
  • No transactional costs involved in foreign sales
  • Avoid marketing mistakes in overseas markets
  • Focus on your core business
Optimizing process heating operations
Energy Efficiency and Saving
The best opportunities for improving energy efficiency and reducing operating costs can be achieved by improving the manufacturing process. Many existing combustion systems in process industries have not been modernized or optimized since installation. We partner and work with institutions and specialists to provide innovative solutions for analyzing and optimizing your plant’s process heating system in order to reduce the energy consumption while maintaining or increasing productivity.
Scope of services
  • Various diagnostic methods
  • Analysis of the composition of the combustion gas
  • Energy flux analysis
  • Improving heat transfer with advanced burners and controls
  • Improving heat transfer in the furnace
  • Measuring, Monitoring and Optimizing
  • Analysis for upcoming projects
Your benefits
  • Reduction of energy consumption
  • Savings in energy costs and maintenance costs
  • Improvement in product quality
  • Reduction in polluting emissions
  • Prolongation of the systems and operating time
Business Development and Matchmaking
Connecting potential business partners
Our strong network of industry contacts and connections, based upon decades of collaboration with our clients and vendors, enable us to connect like-minded partners who are interested in forming new ventures or developing potential business opportunities. As a solid mediator, we are well positioned to represent all potential parties equally and help finding ways to create synergy through proposing a framework to the parties. We coordinate negotiations, provide deal structuring advice and perform screening and supervising services after cooperation once has been agreed by the parties.
Scope of services
  • Signaling potential business opportunities
  • Identifying and matchmaking industrial companies
  • Finding ways to create synergy
  • Managing interactions
  • Screening and supervising after successfully paired
Your benefits
  • Expedite the connection process
  • Our experience and expertise to pair reliable partners
  • Avoid time consuming search for the right partner
  • Decrease search costs
  • Increase chances and success
Surplus inventory and used machinery
Purchasing and re-marketing solutions
By utilizing our network of contacts, tracking the international machinery market, and application of our marketing expertise, we provide an opportunity for all of our partners who sit on idled and obsolete equipment to take the work out of selling their surplus inventory either by purchasing the assets outright, brokering for disposal or offering a trade-in program. From one piece of machinery or a remaining stock to an entire manufacturing plant, just let us know about your equipment, we will get in touch with you to find the right solution.
Scope of services
  • Purchasing a wide variety of goods
  • Brokerage of plants and equipment
  • Trade-in or barter transactions
  • Coordination of Industrial Plant and Machinery Dismantling
  • Coordination Factory Relocation
  • Arranging transportation of plant, machinery and equipment
Your benefits
  • Fast generating income from your surplus
  • Retaining ownership until sold
  • Free up time and valuable space
  • No marketing or selling costs
  • Avoid potential liabilities