Completed Projects

Case Studies

The following list contains a selection of our deliveries to illustrate the variety of projects we have been successfully involved with in the past three decades.

Gas and Oil Burners, Combustion Controls, Regulating Systems and Equipment
Horizontal Continuous Casting Line
Complete Automatic Molding Lines for Cast Iron
Complete Automatic Sand Preparation Plants
Low Pressure Melting and Die Casting Plant
Induction Melting Plants
Entire Factory for Production of Ferrosilicon and Silicon Metal
Supply of Raw Materials
Heat Treatment Furnace Plant
Hot and Cold Box Machines
Foundry Material and Accessories
Laboratory Apparatus
Machines and Facilities for Punching and Forming Dies
Complete Alkyd, Phenolic and Furan Resin Plant
High and low voltage insulators, transformers and electric Technical Articles
Supply of Industrial Fans, Pressure and Storage Tanks